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Green Fundraiser

We do everything we can to ensure our company is environmentally responsible. One of the things we've discovered, is that the Green choice is usually the more profitable choice as well. For example, We go beyond recycling, and re-use many of our vendors' cardboard boxes (Which saves us thousands of dollars every year). We also donate all of our burlap coffee sacks to the local animal shelter, where they're used as bedding. Make your fundraiser more ecologically friendly, and put more GREEN in your group's bank account.

Every year, fundraising companies print millions of full-color brochures. They require many hours to create, and the cost to print and ship them is insane. After all that, only 20 - 30% of them are used (on average). That means that 70 - 80% of them end up in the trash! So, what's a greener, more effective way to raise money?

Consider the Responsible Alternatives to Brochures

Brochures are safe. There's no risk of product "leftovers" because everything is pre-ordered. However, the cost of printing and shipping brochures is passed on to you in the form of higher pricing, and lower profit percentages.

We CARE!'s Greenest Fundraising Program

We CARE!'s Gourmet Grab Bag

50% Profit

Environmentally Responsible

No order forms (extra paper) shipped, or wasted. Each order arrives in it's own stylish, re-usable canvas shopping bag.

Predictable Profits

Forecast Your Fundraiser's Results - Each bag brings in a set profit of $70.00. Simply multiply by the number of participants.

Find out ahead of time, which of your group members will commit to selling a Grab Bag, then place your order. This way, you'll have 0 leftovers, and you'll make 50% profit ( per partcipant). Predictable results!

Our Grab Bag Fundraiser is extremely easy to run, and requires no money to get started.

"Have I told you what a great fundraiser you run...? If not, I just want you to know that this is the most enjoyable experience in fundraising I have ever encountered. You make this so simple! Thank you!"
C. Strouse
Piranha Swimming / Wildcats Traveling Baseball Team
Cotati, CA
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